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Drake Passage and Cape Horn

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The infamous Drake Passage lies between us and safe harbor in South America.  Discovered by Sir Francis Drake in September 1578 when his ship was blown off course, it is among the most treacherous stretches of water on the planet, claiming many  unfortunate ships.

Our journey, thankfully, is not the stuff of legend.  Once again luck is with us and we are experiencing relatively moderate seas.  Perhaps, however, we have simply developed our sea legs.  A shout brought us from the Horizon Court out to the indoor pool area to investigate.  The pool, still covered with its mesh barrier, was responding to what was clearly a higher sea than our senses registered.  The water was careening from one end to the other, throwing sprays 10 feet or more into the air as trhe water hit the end of the pool.  What a remarkable sight!

We continue north, anticipation mounting as we approach Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America.  High winds prevent us from circumnavigating the island as planned, so we content ourselves with the leisurely sail past the point which marks the confluence of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  One moment completely overcast, the next the clouds opening up enough for shafts of sunlight to appear, the sky provides a dramatic touch.  Our approach is close enough, the air clear enough, the light strong enough that we are treated to the sight of the famed Albatross memorial in the distance.

The pool in motion

Cape Horn

Rainbow, Cape Horn

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