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Libya Beckons

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Following Libya’s recent decision to grant visas to cruise ships carrying US citizens, Voyages of Discovery has announced a Fall departure that includes two ports of call in Libya.

Voyages of Discovery was founded in 2003 by Gerry Herrod, a well known veteran of the cruise industry and former chairman of Orient Lines, Ocean Line Cruises, and Pearl Cruises.  The intended purpose of the line is to offer soft adventure to passengers who are drawn to port intensive, educational trips, while enjoying the creature comforts that a classic cruise can provide.

MV Discovery, the only ship in the fleet, is the former Island Princess, one-time sister to the original Love Boat.  At 20,216 tons, she holds 650 passengers and provides most of the amenities found on larger ships.


The Grand Voyage of Exploration begins November 3, 2010 with a two-night stay in Cairo, followed by a 28 night cruise departing from Alexandria.  There will be two stops in Libya – Benghazi for a visit to Cyrene, and Al Khums, a short distance from the magnificent Leptis Magna.  Both sites have been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.  From there the ship will wend its way through the Mediterranean, stopping at nine other ports, including Valetta, Malaga and Gibraltar, before eventually crossing the Atlantic for a visit to several islands in the Caribbean.  The cruise will end with an overnight in Barbados.

Cruise fares start at $3637 per person, and include the 2 night hotel stay in Cairo with breakfast, sightseeing and transfer, and free air from select gateways.

This is not a cruise that will appeal to everyone, nor is it practical for most people who have to work.  But still, it does resonate with me.  I won’t be on this cruise. A month at sea is not yet in the cards.  Thankfully, there are still some things for which I am too young. But Libya – I need to get there soon.  I look forward to other entrants into this new cruise market.

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