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Orion II Is Late

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Clelia II

Orion Expedition Cruises has announced that delivery of their new ship, the former Clelia II, has been delayed by about a month.  The need for “additional technical work” has been given for the delay.

You may recall the ship’s rather harrowing voyage through the Drake Passage this past December.  Buffeted by 30 foot seas which broke windows on the bridge and took out the communications equipment, the ship made its way to Ushuaia under diminished power against heavy winds.

The year before that, in December 2009, Clelia II ran aground in the Antarctic Peninsula, resulting in the shutdown of the starboard engine and loss of electrical power on board.  Another cruise ship, the Corinthian II, helped pull it off the rocks.

Clelia II just didn’t have an easy time of it in Antarctica.  Perhaps, after all the work is finished and Orion II emerges with her new livery, she will find her new life more to her liking.

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