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Your Questions About Cruise Websites

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Sandra asks…

What are some reputable and good travel sites that might be able to provide me with info/tickets for a cruise?

I’m planning on taking a cruise with my father in May, and I was just wondering where I would look to find tickets and information pertaining to a cruise.  As of now, I have no idea which cruise line I would like to go.  We would like to travel to the Bahamas.

John answers:

For an overview of the market, try Travelocity, Orbitz or Expedia.  These have a search feature which will give you all the options for your dates and destination.  Once you choose one or more candidates, you can go directly to the cruise companies’ websites and further research your options.

I know I sound like a broken record here, but my advice is always to go to a travel agent.  By all means, do some research first so you are more focused on what you are looking for, but make use of an agent’s experience.

Steven asks…

why do travel sites when you book cruise if they offer flight in package charge more than if you book separate?

John answers:

It’s possible, I guess, that they’re charging a bit more for the convenience of packaging all the components together.  That’s not typical of the way packaging usually works, however.  Have you checked if anything else is automatically added?

For example, do they include airport transfers in the package when you include air and exclude them when flights are not included?

How about insurance?  It’s typically calculated as a percent of the total cost.  When you add flights, the cost goes up.  So, too, should the cost of insurance.

A word of caution.  Booking the cruise and flights separately on your own is a good way to make a bad situation worse in the event something goes wrong.  And we all know flights are never delayed, cancelled or diverted.

Lizzie asks…

travel sites?

do you know of any good cruise travel sites like orbitz and expedia

John answers:

Travelocity functions along the same lines as the two you mentioned.

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