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Maybe Magic Really Does Exist

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Disney Magic departs Port Canaveral for a 7-day Caribbean cruise. Photo by David T. Flaherty

It is being reported today that the crew of the Disney Magic rescued 18 Algerians stranded at sea in the early morning hours last Friday.

While sailing from Gibraltar to Barcelona, the crew of the 2400 passenger vessel heard radio communications between two other ships engaged in the search.  The Disney Magic joined the search and soon spotted the open boat.  It had lost power and had been drifting with its 18 occupants for 4 to 5 days.

The rescued passengers were taken aboard and provided with food and cabins.  The ship notified authorities in Barcelona who will coordinate their debarkation.

The Disney Wonder has also been involved in a rescue at sea.  Last year they fished a man out of the water who had jumped off the Carnival Sensation on a bet.  Does make you Wonder, doesn’t it?

At any rate, hats off to the crew of the Disney Magic.  Well done!

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