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The Future Looks Brighter

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There is news this week that makes the future of two grande dames of the sea more hopeful.

It is being reported that Queen Elizabeth 2, currently languishing in Dubai, a sad testimony to the over-spending there, may be going to the western Australian port of Fremantle.  The mayor of Fremantle has expressed the belief that he would have strong support from his constituency to bring QE2 there in time to be used as a floating hotel for the ISAF Sailing World Championships in December 2011.

On the other side of the globe, Philadelphia philanthropist, H. F. “Gerry” Lenfest, has stepped in and offered what amounts to a stay of execution for the SS United States.  Mr. Lenfest has pledged the funds necessary to pay the ship’s considerable expenses for the next 20 months.  This will give the SS United States Conservancy time to endeavor to raise the funds needed to purchase her from NCL and restore her to a useful life.

Each of these vessels rendered long and honorable service.  Watching them rust away, perhaps ultimately bound for the scrap heap, is quite sad.  I know, as with all things, an end must eventually come, but maybe – just maybe – for these two great ladies, not quite yet.

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