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Sandra asks…

Circle Line Cruise – Rockin River Cruise NYC Question?

I bought tickets to ride the Circle Line Cruise (Rockin River Cruise) and watch a band preform on the boat.  Due to a family medical emergency I could not go the night of the cruise.  Is there any way I can exchange the tickets for another night?  The same band is playing next month and tickets are still available.  Can I go next month even though I paid for the cruise for tonight?

John answers:

Doubtful.  You could try to contact whoever it was that issued the ticket but if it says somewhere on it “non refundable” it pretty much means you are out of luck.

Joseph asks…

I’m visiting the Jordan River (ISRAEL) on a cruise-line shore excursion.  Will I be able to get baptized there?

The cruise excursion doesn’t offer baptism
but I am wondering if people will be waiting
at the Jordan River to baptize those who wish
to be baptized and I am willing to pay too.

Thank you!

John answers:

Most organized groups go to one of two sites for baptisms, Oser Al-Yahud,  traditionally believed to be the site where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, and Yardenit.  Yardenit became the alternative site when Oser Al-Yahud was cut off during the Six Day War in 1967.

You’ll have to check the details of your shore excursion to determine if you will be at either location.  Groups customarily travel with their own cleric who baptizes the group’s members.  You will have to hope that luck is on your side and a cleric is there when you are.

You should also be aware that an environmental group has been arguing for some time that the waters of the Jordan are so polluted with raw sewage and agricultural runoff at Oser Al-Yahud that it is unsafe to enter the river.

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