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Message In A Bottle

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Message in a Bottle

While sailing on board the Pacific Princess off Vanuatu’s Mystery Island, Australians Glenda Parker and her late husband Ross who, at the time, had just been diagnosed with heart problems, decided to put a message in a bottle, along with a $2 coin and a pen.

Now, 6 and a half years and 1400 miles later, the bottle has washed up on Sandon Beach in Australia, reports The Northern Star.

“I often wondered what happened to it after Ross had died and then I got a call,” Parker told The Northern Star. “The person on the other end told me he had my bottle, (and) I just screamed … the bottle had been traveling the ocean for more than six years.  I’d love to know where it’s been.”

I think this is a wonderful  story.  It’s both bittersweet and romantic at the same time.  There’s something very touching and human about it.  On some level, it speaks to the interconnectedness of things, and also to bonds that do not break.  I hope Mrs. Parker experiences a sense of inner peace and connection from this event.  I think I would.

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