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Your Questions About Cruise Deals On Line

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Daniel asks…

Cruise Deals?

Where can I find the best Cruise Deals online?

John answers:

I have found that the best way to find the cruise that you want at the best price is to simply go to the cruise line web sites and click on the links for “deals” and/or “specials”.  Most of the cruise lines have such a link but they are most easily found on the web sites for Carnival and Royal Caribbean.  On some other sites they are there but you have to look through a lot of stuff on the web/home page to find the link for specials.

Carnival has very low prices on occasion, but other lines like Royal Caribbean, NCL, and Princess are close.  You will also find that you get a much better price if you book well in advance and by that I mean 9 months to a year or more in advance.  And also, be flexible with your travel date and go when the cruise is offered at the lowest price.  The other thing that you can do is to sign up to receive their specials by email.  I get those all of the time too.

You should also consider enlisting the aid of a good travel agent.  Most don’t charge to book cruises, and they can help narrow down the options very quickly.

William asks…

From experience, what cruise website has the best deals and is the most reliable?

Hey, my wife and I want to plan a cruise for next summer.  We want something fun with good ratings but want a good deal (of course!)  Do you have experience getting stellar cruise deals?  We’ve both cruised before and I am a AAA member.

John answers:

Hi William, see my answer to Daniel above.  That will give you some direction in researching cruise bargains on line.

My bottom line advice to you, however, is to do some research, narrow down your choices, get an idea of what you get for your money – and then go to a travel agent.  A good agent’s help can be invaluable, and if something should go wrong while traveling, you will be very grateful tomhave someone you can all upon.

Sharon asks…

Do you know where to find good cruise deals?

I am looking for some good cruise deals.   I don’t care what cruise line.  I just want some good links.  Thanks a lot!

John answers:

All the major cruise lines have websites –,, etc.  You might also go to the large on line travel sites, like Expedia or Travelocity.  Browse around, use them to discover what’s available and what the costs will be for various itineraries.

If you find something you really like, book it if you want.  My advice – see a travel agent and have them book it for you.

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