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Your Questions About Cruise Insurance

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Maria asks…

cruise travel insurance info?

I am a NY res. traveling to Bermuda in July on RC cruise line out of NJ for my daughters sweet 16, taking a few friends of hers as well. My travel agent suggested travel insurance. does anyone have any ideas on where to get Insurance. without getting hit over the head. It seems to be a bit high through the agent.

John answers:

The insurance you get through the TA may be more costly than what you can get on your own.  Do an internet search for price comparisons for travel insurance.  There are sites that give you bids from multiple companies.  Make sure you get a policy that includes emergency evacuation back to the states in case of a medical emergency.  In some cases, that may be a better option than being treated in a local hospital.  Please be certain to read the whole policy, so you know the extent of the coverage it provides.  Most companies have toll free numbers staffed by knowledgeable representatives.  Don’t be shy about asking questions.  And an early “Happy Birthday!” to your daughter.

Steven asks…

Cruise Travel Insurance Refund?

I booked a cruise a few months ago and purchased travel insurance.  I have a pre-existing back and neck problem.  I have decided that due to my medical situation and possibility of surgery later it may be best that I cancel. I have notified Carnival and they refer me to contact claims to file a claim. Has anyone ever filed a claim?  Will I be able to get a refund or will they give me some excuse to keep my money?   I am well within the 60 days of a full refund minus the money I paid for the protection plan.  Does it matter if I had a pre-existing condition?

John answers:

“Will I be able to get a refund or will they give me some excuse to keep my money?”

They will abide by the contract they made with you.  That doesn’t mean your particular situation is covered.  You’ll have to check the terms of the contract.  You need to inform yourself as to what that contract covers before you call them up and try to file a claim.

From your statement, it sounds like your decision not to travel is based on your changing your mind, not your medical situation changing.  If that’s the case, I think you will have problems getting a refund.   Carnival’s travel insurance site refers to becoming “unexpectedly ill or injured”.  If the medical condition existed at the time of booking it’s not unexpected.  Of course, if your medical condition suddenly deteriorated or you had to schedule  surgery on your back, you would have a better argument for the “unexpected”.  The devil is in the details.

I’m unclear on whether you are more than 60 days out from sailing, or less.  If you have not yet reached your final payment date, you can probably cancel regardless.  That would be the safest option, if it is available to you.

The Carnival insurance also covers other events, such as unexpected illness of a family member, loss of a job, or a severe weather watch/warning on your route to the port.  I don’t know about your area, but we have some sort of severe weather watch nearly every day.  So you might be able to qualify on a different basis.  Find out what policy you have, what the conditions are, then go in with your strongest claim the first time.

Good luck.

Ruth asks…

Annual multi-trip travel insurance with cruise cover?

I need to get travel insurance that will cover me across Europe for the year but will also specifically cover a 2 week cruise holiday – in Europe, most policies that I have looked at don’t include this.

Any sugestions ?

John answers:

Every travel policy is slightly different.  They all cover cancellation, medical costs and emergencies, accidental death or injury, personal liability, theft and loss of personal possessions, luggage and passport.  I don’t know what additional coverage you’re looking for to cover a cruise holiday.

You can certainly shop around for insurance to cover your cruise.  Start with the insurance offered by the cruise line, and then widen your research (see the answer to Maria’s question above).  The balance of your trip is a bit ambiguous.  Call some of the insurance providers and ask questions.  If your plans are “up in the air” for the balance of the year, you may find it difficult to get insurance without being more specific.

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