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Your Questions About River Boat Cruises In France And Italy

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Nancy asks…

river cruise between France and Italy for 3 couples?

would love to stay a few days in each place and then cruise.

John answers:

Nancy, I’m not entirely certain what you are asking for.  Are you looking to go from town to town, stopping for a day or two in one,  and then take another boat to the next town on your list, and so on?

If so, this may be possible on day-trip boats that work their way up and down some of Europe’s rivers, but you will not be able to do it on one of the high end 7 to 14 night river cruises that have become so popular in recent years.

If you are asking if you can arrange hotel stays at either end of a river cruise, then the answer is yes, of course you can.

Now, you cannot cruise fron France to Italy on the same river cruise.  You can take separate cruises in each country.  France will offer you more options and a more deluxe experience.

There is a cruise on the Po River in northern Italy, but the focus is really on Venice, and much of the time is spent in Venice using the boat as your floating hotel.

Finally, if you’re intent on combining Italy, France and a cruise, there are numerous Mediterranean cruises that visit ports in both countries.

Jenny asks…

Is anyone familiar with the river cruise dock(s) in Arles, France?

I am to leave Arles on a river cruise on October 6, and the cruise line told me the ship leaves from Quai Lamartine in Arles.  Because I must get to the ship on my own I have tried to find a map of that dock without success.  The only dock with that name is in Macon France, many miles away, which is even past our destination city of Lyon.  I am sure that the Macon dock is not the dock from which I am leaving.

Any help would be appreciated.
(I must travel from Marseilles to the cruise ship.)


John answers:

There is a quai Lamartine in Arles where all the cruise boats are docked!  It is situated 2.5 kilometers from the city center and you should not have any difficulty finding it when arriving in Arles.

Do not hesitate to ask your way and if you don’t speak French, show your cruise program and I am sure there will be a kind person there able to help you.

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