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Paul Gauguin

French Polynesia is definitely on my list of must-see places.  It is said to be exquisitely beautiful, often cited by returning visitors as the most beautiful place they have ever been.  One of these days…

How about you?  Have you dreamed of sailing around the Society Islands, feeling the warm sun on your face, sinking your feet into the white powder sand, swimming in the clear, clean water?  Do you long to sit and watch a flaming sunset from your veranda, the cool soft blues and greens of the water gradually melding with the vibrant reds and oranges of the sky?

If so, there is no better way to do this than on the Paul Gauguin.  For a limited time, Paul Gauguin Cruises is offering last minute savings on its Fall/Early Winter sailings.

Receive the following Ship Board Credits on these select 2010 sailings:

*   $250 pp ($500 / stateroom) - Oct. 30 (7 nights)
*   $500 pp ($1000 / stateroom) - Nov. 6 (14 nights New Zealand,
    Tonga, Cook & Society Islands)
*   $500 pp ($1000 / stateroom) - Nov. 21 (14 nights New Zealand,
    Tonga, Cook & Society Islands)
*   $500 pp ($1000 / stateroom) - Dec. 4 (14 nights Marquesas,
    Tuamotus, & Society Islands)
*   BOOK BY AUGUST 31, 2010

*   $250 pp ($500 / stateroom - Dec. 18 (9 nights to Society &
*   $250 pp ($500 / stateroom - Dec. 27 (9 nights to Society &
*   BOOK BY SEPTEMBER 15, 2010

This is for NEW BOOKINGS ONLY and combinable with 2 for 1 or free
airfare from Los Angeles.

It is my custom to pass information of this sort on to my readers without
suggesting you book the cruise with me.  I will advise you, this time,
that my agency has a further amenity of $100 per person Ship Board
Credit ($200 per stateroom) in addition to the credits mentioned above.

If interested, you may contact me through the contact form on the sidebar.   

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