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NCL Still Likes Singles

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Studio Cabin on Norwegian Epic


If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will have undoubtedly noticed that I have a particular interest in options for single cruisers.  This is, however, not a wholly altruistic penchant.  I have, on occasion, failed to take advantage of an opportunity to cruise because no one I know is in a position to travel with me.  Single supplements and the lack of camaraderie have deterred me.

I have been particularly excited by the effort Norwegian Cruise Line has made to appeal to single cruisers.  The whole “ship within a ship” environment they have created on the Epic with the studio cabins and the lounge dedicated to occupants of those cabins is very impressive.  There are few passenger ships in service with any single cabins at all, and none that come anywhere near the number that Epic has.

I’ve wondered how this would unfold.  When NCL stopped being coy last week and confirmed their order for two new ships, only slightly smaller than Epic, I anxiously watched for news about single cabins.  Information is still relatively scarce, but CEO Kevin Sheehan, in an interview in Travel Weekly, did re-affirm NCL’s commitment to single cruisers.  He is quoted as saying: “That’s a strategy that makes sense. [Singles are] an under-served group of people, and our brand meets that need. We care about that group of travellers.”

That’s good to hear.  Far too early to know how that sentiment will translate into the new ships’ designs, but encouraging nevertheless.

As an aside, one much-discussed Epic feature unlikely to be replicated on the new vessels is the peculiar scattered bathroom layout.  Excellent decision.

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