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Voyages to Antiquity

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I’ve been excited about this cruise line since first reading the press release  last August.  Guests on board the Aegean Odyssey will enjoy a focused, immersive experience of one or more of the ancient civilizations that prospered along the shores of the Mediterranean on each cruise.  The itineraries are carefully crafted to avoid port repetition, so return guests will enjoy new experiences with each cruise.

The on board experience will be different from the standard cruise as well.  Gone are the casinos and Broadway revues.  Instead, experts in the region and cultures highlighted by the cruise will give lectures to further enhance the guests’ appreciation of the experience.  The ship, while not new, has been refitted to bring her interiors up to the standards expected by the seasoned travellers the line is hoping to attract.

Unfortunately for me, the three weeks I spent in South America and Antarctica in February preclude me from taking advantage of the exceptional prices Voyages to Antiquity is offering this coming season.  If I were able to finagle my schedule to accommodate it, trust me, my reservation would already be in place.

For those of you for whom this type of cruise resonates, I strongly recommend that you investigate Voyages to Antiquities’ offerings.

There is an excellent description on CruiseMates.  You can read it here.

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