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Your Questions About Cruises From New Orleans

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Mark asks…

looking for river cruises from New Orleans to Louisville?

hello I’m interested in finding a riverboat cruise from New Orleans up to Louisville
i have check the websites that is no longer any Mississippi river cruises is this correct?
thank you
TM (travelmaster)

John answers:

Hi Mark,

That is correct at the moment.  Next year, however, American Cruise Lines is launching a brand new purpose-built paddle-wheeler on the Mississippi River system.  Visit their website.  You’ll see a host of options and itineraries.  New Orleans to Louisville, however, might not be one of them.  Perhaps you’ll find another itinerary that appeals to you.

Richard asks…

I need help finding a cheap cruise from New Orleans?

I’m looking for a 3-5 day cruise to anywhere.
My price range is from $300-$400 (yes very cheap) and must be from New Orleans!
I have a party of 5 by the way.
Oh yeah and I am available to leave in April or May.

John answers:

Richard, take a look at Carnival’s website.  They have some  5 day Western Caribbean cruises out of New Orleans that fall within your price range and time frame.

James asks…

Would it be safe to sail from New Orleans to the Western Caribbean in September?

We currently have plans to cruise from New Orleans to the Western Caribbean islands in September, but with the possibility of hurricanes at that time of year we are not sure if we should continue with our plan.

John answers:

Well, September is the middle of the hurricane season in the Caribbean and that could present a problem.  The cruise lines do a good job of steering away from hurricanes, however.

If a hurricane is bearing down on New Orleans on the day of your departure, your cruise might well be delayed a day.  Otherwise, once at sea, a hurricane might force the ship to alter its itinerary a bit, resulting in an alternate port or two.

There might be more clouds than you’d like, but the cruise will go on and you’ll probably have a great time.

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